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Keep It Going Beyond 3 Months

November 19, 2015

Once you've started your home yoga practice your next challenge is to keep it going!


Most people think the hardest thing about practicing yoga at home to getting started. It's true that a lot of people talk about doing yoga at home and never find the time to get around to it, but once you've started you then have the challenge of keeping it going.

At first your excitement and enthusiasm keeps you going. Your interest levels are high, you have probably spent a lot of time watching videos, reading, and getting fired up.

This initial excitement and enthusiasm keeps us going for about 2 months. Then reality sets in. Yes, you do feel a bit better and are starting to notice how much fitter you are.

I once read somewhere that in our learning,  growth and development many of us hit a wall at around three months. (If you know or remember where this idea comes from I'd love if you would remind me in the comments).

This idea of a three-month turning point seems to be true, in my experience. At around three months, our initial enthusiasm has waned and our 'old life' is starting to creep back in around the edges. All the other activities of life that we re-arranged, re-scheduled or deferred in order to make room for our yoga practice start demanding more and more of our time and attention.

At three months there seems to be a major review of our life: if our yoga practice is going to become a permanent feature, then something has to give. We are forced to confront all our stuff, which probably includes all the reasons we never got around to doing anything about it before!

As someone who has practiced yoga at home for over 15 years, I am very familiar with this three month spot (every time I begin a new routine or a different form of yoga, it comes around again).

I wouldn't exactly say it's 'make or break' time. For me it is about realizing I can't do everything. It is time for a reality check and a choice: what am I willing to let go of, to make room for something else in my life?

How about you? Have you noticed anything happening around the three month mark? If so what do you do to get up, over, around or through it?