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Find Time

November 24, 2015

Some quick tips to help you find time for yoga practice in a busy day

In our busy hectic world, time is probably our most precious commodity. We never seem to have enough of it, and we can't find it when we need it. Yet if we really want to make yoga a part of our life, we have to somehow find time to make it happen. Here are some ideas...


Identify and eliminate low value activity

When we're busy and overwhelmed that's when we might find ourselves tempted to just 'chill out' in front of the TV,  yet watching TV may be draining your energy and makes you feel more tired. Turning off your TV and practising yoga for 30 minutes instead can restore your energy.

Early Evening

When we first get through the door after a busy day, immediately doing a 20 minute yoga workout might be  the last thing on your mind.  Yet it might actually be the best thing! Your body is still active from the day, you probably haven't eaten for a while, and even though you may be feeling tired you still have some energy. Practising yoga at this point before you even start thinking about dinner (or maybe while dinner is cooking) can rejuvenate you and give you more energy to enjoy your evening.

Streamline everything - even your yoga practice

The purpose of yoga is to settle the mind into silence - so starting with a brief breathing exercise where you focus all of your attention on you breath can quickly bring you into a yoga mindset.

Early Morning

This might be the best place to find time for yoga. Our bodies are amazing at regulating themselves, which means we tend to wake around the same time every day - once we are in a routine.

You can train your body to wake up earlier by using an alarm clock at first.  It takes about 21 days for our body to adapt to a new habit (or lose an old one). With time you will notice that you naturally start waking before the alarm.

Avoid Thinking

The trick here is to get up and do your yoga practice without thinking about it! If you start thinking about how early it is, or how little sleep you've had, you will start feeling tired and sabotage all your hard work. Moving quickly into action is the key to success.

Thinking can also lead to procrastination - which wastes precious time that you don't have!

My favorite is early morning - that's when I am less distracted and my mind is quieter before the business of the day gets my attention.

Use the comments below to share some of the ways you have found time for yoga...




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