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Home Yoga Club: bringing yoga home to you...

Hello and welcome to the Home Yoga Club online community!

Connect with others who want to (or already do) practice yoga at home to connect and share ideas about the best ways to start, build, and sustain a successful and fulfilling home yoga practice.

Learn from others what works and what doesn't work when practicing yoga at home.

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See you again soon and meanwhile... may your home yoga practice bring you health, longevity, and deep inner peace.


10 Reasons for Starting a Home Yoga Practice

  1. There are many reasons why we may choose to practice yoga at home.
  2. Maybe there isn't a yoga class nearby that you can easily get to on a regular basis.
  3. Maybe there's only one class a week and you'd like to practice more often.
  4. Maybe you have health issues, like obesity or arthritis, and you feel that you won't be able to keep up in a class.
  5. Maybe you don't have health issues and you feel that you won't be able to keep up in a class!
  6. Maybe you'd feel self-conscious in a class.
  7. Maybe it suits you better to practice in your own time, on your own terms.
  8. Maybe you want to practice a less common form of yoga like Yantra or Lu Jong and you are mainly learning from books and videos.
  9. Maybe you are a yoga teacher or advanced practitioner and you would feel held back in a class.
  10. Maybe you like to practice with your cat...

Whatever reason(s) you have for wanting a home practice... Home Yoga Club brings you the best of both worlds... you get to practice at home AND you have somewhere to connect and share with your yoga buddies and have that same sense of community and shared experience, just like you would in a physical yoga studio!